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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last one was on the line. and worse fears of night. they're all gone out. i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this the world should not forget the long shuttle to 972. liberty massacre starts september 3rd on d. w. you're watching d. w news asia coming up today. a mystery ship docs and sri lanka. and there's concern, what is the chinese shift doing there, and what is its purpose? we'll take a closer look. and we'll the biggest pop stars in the world be forced to put a pause on their careers to become soldiers.
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ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. entree lanka, a chinese ship has dock at the port of hamburg total too much controversy because india and the united states sought to stop the ship from coming. according to the pentagon, that class of vessels is operated by the chinese military and can be used to monitor satellite rocket and ballistic missile launches. china says the ship is a science ship that conducts marine research. ultimately, the government permitted the ships entry. china, as a reminder, is a major lender to sri lanka, the op, and the quiz china, our long standing friend to assist us in these fucked to the over depth said to and
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i am with billow as soon as possible and provide with some meaningful vision for it we have packet se, out of an invalid to joining us. he's the executive director of the center for policy alternatives. welcome to the program. i guess it does seem a little strange for india and the u. s. to pressure sri lanka on this. after all, you are a sovereign state, you can do whatever you want, right? a. so what i'm wondering is why did columbo appear to spend a few days deciding whether this chinese vessel can come to port? but i think the 1st intimation to sri lanka was out when the previous president was in office and i don't think it even went to the foreign minister. it was decided out of divisional level at the foreign ministry. so i think what sri lanka wants to do was to establish a kind of cooling off period in which it would re balance ah, relations between china and india. and so with the ship coming,
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india has given us 2 claims. so if you like, we have the military ship coming into the harbor at ham man thought and it's already arrived and we have 2 planes that india has given us, which have also arrived. i mean, the point i think here is, is that sri lanka wants to maintain an independent non aligned foreign policy. we are extremely grateful to india for the assistance they've given us in terms of the current economic crisis. we need chinese assistance in terms of agreeing to a haircut with regard to the staff agreement with the i m f and the depth restructuring. so we require the assistance of both countries in the current situation that we are and we need to balance out the impact of water for leverage that they can have on our foreign policy. and indeed on our south it can you tell
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us a little bit more about sri lanka relationship with china? well, i mean, it's really old relationship with china and many debts back to in terms of the independence agreement. in 1952 where we exchange a rubber for their race ab, during another period of sort of economic depression or crisis. so the relationship has very good. it got lot block better and probably got imbalanced in china's favor . when the raj boxes delayed to put a, relied upon the chinese for diplomatic protection against the war, crowns allegations and international flora. and also for infrastructure development, a fair amount of which will vantage a projects. and as a consequence, because those vanity projects did not provide results, which enables sri lanka to peer back the amounts of money and rested or borrowed.
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we'd then have to borrow even more. and then when we couldn't do that, we gave the land to the chinese on a lease. now the had been thought a port as you know, is on a 99 year lease steuben chinese show in the roger pucks at iraq as it were. we, the balance of power was weighted very heavily in terms of our relations with the chinese, the current crisis where india has been absolutely superb in coming to our rescue has sort of re aligned that policy considerably. very quickly and do we know why that ship is in port? it says it's a marine research ship, but ye also mentioned it is a military ship. well, i mean, it may have got something to do with the recent her incidence in the taiwan over taiwan. but i'm sure the chinese you to send out a message that look, this harbor is under our lease,
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and we therefore have rights to go to the harbor. i am the you assistant military ship st, sri lanka, the indians, who so you know, it's not the sort of extraordinary in that respect. got it back, a se, over 7 am to thank you so much for joining us. ah. shed celebrities get special treatment. should they, if they are a globally famous group, like b t s and arguably one of south korea, greatest cultural ambassadors, get a pass to years of mandatory military service are required there. and a boy band faces the possibility of disappearing into the barracks as dw reports. wonderful, but with allah, a parliamentary debate in soul on a key matter of national defense, a policy issue close to the hearts of pop fans in south korea and beyond. if k pop boy, bond bts are required to do their military service,
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will they be confined to barracks and disappear from view? well, there's a chance, it might not happen. what is the youth about new people, even if they joined the military, you there be a way to give them a chance to practice and perform together if they're scheduled concerts abroad in a bundle with good news for the fans. all young physically fit south korean man must do 21 months of military service. a legacy of the korean war which ended nearly 7 decades ago. technically says the north korea signed an armistice, but never a peace treaty. the korean peninsula remains heavily militarized. do 3. 0, the idea of the pop stars, a soldier has a long history and popular culture. when u. s. rock'n'roll legend, elvis presley entered the army in 1958. the day became known as black monday. but the king of rock'n'roll service did much to boost the public perception of the military. b t. s could even benefit from taking up arms. south koreans who do their
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military service are very popular. people highly value are to serving in the military and this may boost their popularity. could the india pool in 2011 south korea's modern day? elvis counterpart reign made a public display of his loyalty when he was forced to join a 29 dodging the draft. certainly doesn't go down well with the public. meanwhile, there are special rules for sport stars. tottenham hotspur, footballer, son young men, was exempted from service because he'd won a medal at the asian games. but he still had to complete 3 weeks basic training which he did in 2020, during the english premier leagues enforced hiatus during the covert. pandemic lockdown with b t. s. the issue is coming to a head. the oldest member of the band gin is turning 30 and december this year. legal revisions in 2019 allowed globally recognize k pop stars to put off their
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service until 30. that said the rigors of military life might prove a challenge for b t s. in june, the 7 member band announced a break from group musical activities to pursue solo projects, pleading exhaustion. joining us is to mar, herman, author of b t. s, blood, sweat, and tears. welcome to the program. so we're not hoping for any blood but plenty of sweat and possibly some tiers for these guys. if they spent 2 years in the military and i wonder how likely is it, they'd have to serve the full 2 years and yeah, a few years ago. so now it's typically a little shorter, usually around 18 months, a list you a specialized program training. so that is still a good time size. nowadays it starts when lists are able to
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sometimes are sometimes times so hopefully that time will be there will be 2. any cheers. and please know, i wonder how, how disruptive would this potentially be in a report we mentioned the pop star rain and how he did his time in the military did that impact his career? what's your take on if he has had to spend any time away? traditionally korean centers do they tend to have their careers to take that off in a big promotional come bacteria. some people are really successful, so they have have a little i have to be concerned about that rain are still usually popular and 3 and a huge, you know, now
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a different generation of career anyway. but at the time it was quite stressful. and so we now have a different paradigm where we are doing anything back in normally, but it will still see how it good and how they pull it off. and i think it necessarily i wonder how would it be regarded? i mean, how is it regarded in south korea that some people get special treatment and sir far less time it huge today. almost bulk military service is a huge, big issue with the younger generation of people to actually fill all of the military company to try to allow for what can happen including generation. so just in general, military,
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hugely ferry debate and public right now who gets, or at least can get, depending on what they have an international work on their field. usually they need this in the answer. they can be eligible if you study certain things, you can delay if you're reading or your belly play only bank level to. so people you know, typically go and they come back and they continue their life. so it's a pretty normal life. then for grand young men to take time out of their career or there are so special treatment people there are attention are high and 50 by and large. most of the be around the c as is obviously bts you know, do deserve some special treatment. people's perspective just because what they do
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and then it leads to kind of this conversation about why are there for some people and others like yours right now to get there right military unless the kind of deferred because it's just easier to my herman. thank you. so much for joining us. that's it for wednesday. thank you for watching tv to mom. mm. it's just a thought say what grade will not
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just another day. mm hm. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day and in depth look at current news, events analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. and this is the weekdays. on d, w. a meagre bud resilient, despite driving prices for energy and other supply chain problems. the use economy grew last quarter. meanwhile, concerns about germany, the blocks biggest economy. our marketing, also coming is it simply increased scrutiny by authorities,
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or is there more to the d listing of 5 major chinese companies from the new york stock. and we'll show you how euro y managed to get almost all of its energy from renewable sources, and what price the south american countries paying for that. i'm chris kolber on berlin. welcome to the program. the use economy grew slightly less than expected from april to the end of june and mid soaring energy and food prices. in the 2nd quarter of the blocks gross domestic product and creased by 0.6 percent compared to the 1st 3 months of the year. according to the latest official figures, economies of the netherlands romanian sweden grew exceptionally strong while germany's stagnated. europe's largest economy, assuming the pain of reduced russian gas, most fears, that gas rationing could devastate the german economy are rising. now the international monetary fund has worn that europe's industrial.


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